Won "Best Concept" in Lamar Self Promotion Advertising Competition


Simplicity. Given the opportunity to create a self promotion campaign for Lamar Advertising, I wanted to design an ad that was simple, impactful, and interesting.
The concept is a progession of images to be replaced every few weeks on a billboard to gather buzz and interest. With it being a 5 part series, keeping utility and cost efficiency in mind was essential. The advertisement is cheap to print given it's simplicity and color scheme, and the skyline is easy replacatable for any city.


Attention. The second design created for this competition was a change of color and space. Using a painted pastel background in keeping with the theme, while adding a colorful eye catching effect.
In this design the focus was on negative space forming the skyline to create a similar mysterious effect as the original with the new background. 




Freelance graphic design for LOCAL 768 2020 Election

Hired to create a variety of collateral for the union election. From the desire of the candidates to rebuild the union from the ground up, I chose to brand the piece's theme as REBUILD. The first application was a tri-fold brochure outlining the platforms of the candidates as well as reminders of important deadlines that were required to be met by election day. Using bold graphics and a high visibility color scheme to grab the audience attention, the mission was simply and vividly stated. Multi-Channel Marketing for the brand piggybacked off the original strong graphic statement. Applied to social media, email and the web, these banners and posts visually connected the various messages back to the brand. Described by the client as “modern and fresh” the objective was achieved to show the candidates as the new and up and coming voice of Local 768.


Facebook/Twitter Banner

Multi-Channel Marketing

Going off the first design, the rest of the channels followed a similar theme. Social media, email, print advertising and the website all had a cohesive look and message.


Email Banner

Print Advertising

A staple of Local 768's campaigns are the mailed pamphelts, giving members information on the teams platform and the team members. The tri-fold was designed to look modern and fresh compared to the competition.



"Working with Madison was the perfect combination of productivity and creativity. We were able to present him with half an idea for our project and he was able to turn it into a full fledged creation and met all of our needs perfectly. Madison was both open to feedback and able to incorporate his ideas into our vision. I would recommend him for any graphic design needs I have in the future, especially if they involve creating election media again."

Wave Co.

Animation example for Wave Co.

Apparel & Branding

The Wave Co. grew out of drawing and sketching that I was doing as a creative exercise. The original design, applied to a T-shirt that I wore, caught the attention of people who asked me how they could purchase one for themselves. I created a passive income stream by uploading the various designs I created, which are available for purchase on Amazon. The venture proves to provide an opportunity for my creative outlets as well as being profitable.

Tyjhe Pengel:
Artist Management

What I do

General artist management. Outreach, event planning, performance, networking, and promotion.

Social Media

Creating a homologous brand and online presence through trendy content and design.

Event Planning + Performance

Planning and performing at events while consistently looking for new ways to increase reach and audience.


Reaching out to other promoters, artists, and people in the music industry. This included Public Relations (Radio Interview on RIT Radio) and Collaborative Projects (song features).

Mixtape Promotion

Calling to the old school idea of handing out cassette tapes, we handed out mixtapes at live events. There were two kinds, one free tape that had a QR code linking to Tyjhe's E.P. and another actual recorded cassette tape with digital copy.


Mobile friendly

Various Eras

The goal of the project was to capture products of Various Era's in an appealing, fasionable tone. The photos were used during Black Friday promotions for the company.

Marketing + Data Analytics



Contracted by Causeway to do internal data analytics and market research for a non-profit marketing agency. The research consisted of finding new avenues for outreach and projects for the agency that fit with their brand identity and ability to quantify the successfulness of campaigns. Internal research for Causeway consisted of connecting with their volunteer workforce to better understand why they contribute to the agency and looked for ways to leverage that into increased time and money donated by volunteers.


Phone: +1(315) 350-8164


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